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Lesson 5 gets a "ErrorDescription" (149) on " Output 0"(138)


I'am using VB and Visual Studio 2008 with Sql Server 2008 and the routine in "Get Error Description"'s Edit Script only allows for C# code, eventhough the sample tutorial provides both VB and C#. I didn't have c# installed but when I installed C# express, the script routine failed when I attempted to do a build wtih the error:
"You cannot debug or run this project, because the required version of the Microsoft Office application is not installed."
I know I'm nissing something, I just don't know what?
Thank you!

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sabottaca wrote Aug 23, 2012 at 10:46 PM

The Script Component that is included in the package for Lesson 5 is configured for Microsoft Visual Basic 2008, as shown in the ScriptLanguage property listed in the Script Transformation Editor.

If you're adding a new Script Component to the package and want to configure it to use VB, set the ScriptLanguage property to Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 in the Script Transformation Editor.

NOTE: Once a Script Component (or Script Task) has been added to a package and the configuration settings have been saved (you click OK in the Editor), you cannot change the ScriptLanguage property setting.

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